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Banquet hall "Dining room"

Dining room

The main banquet hall of the restaurant, The Dining hall, is impressive for its size and ceiling heights up to 11 meters.

It freely accommodates 200 guests at the tables, and there is still place for the stage and the dance floor. If you have decided to hold the event in the buffet style, the Dining hall can accommodate 350 guests.

You can hold a banquet of any complexity in the main hall of the Villa Vita restaurant. Elegant sofas and comfortable chairs, tables incredibly beautiful, comfortable soft zones, where you can relax with pleasure - all this you will find here.

Unbelievably beautiful painting on the fireplace attracts attention, and complements the hall’s external decoration in harmony with every element of the interior, giving luxury to the whole style. Well-designed lighting makes the stay even more comfortable.

The total area of the hall is 450 sq.m.

The Dining hall has the adjoining terrace, which can comfortably accommodate 50 guests. Summer terrace will enchant everyone, because you have views of the gorgeous nature, and it’s so simple to fall in love with it. Beautiful fountains, flower beds, trees and a lake are here. There are interesting houses placed around, painted in the author's style.

Terrace is equipped with a bar, and there is also a big screen. Restaurant’s delicious cuisine, excellent drinks from the bartender and live music are also here for you.

Overall area - 450 sq.m.
Effective area - 388 sq.m.

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